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Jamie DeNovo is a passionate and multi-talented entrepreneur, author, brain science researcher, public speaker and coach. Jamie’s mission is to help people facing personal or professional crisis to win the greatest battle they will ever face – the war within. Jamie understands that knowing what to do means nothing if you just can’t do it.

Getting stuck is the biggest obstacle any of us have in creating success and long-term solutions. We miss out on achieving the life we could have had. Jamie’s I.M.Possible Muscle program and pioneering techniques teach clients how to remap brain pathways and move forward productively through overload, confusion, trauma, crisis or any other situation presenting mental and emotional roadblocks.

As an entrepreneur and corporate executive for 25 years, Jamie’s expertise in success against long odds is grounded in first-hand experience. In the late 1990’s, Jamie and her husband transformed their home-based electronics repair business into a niche security company with an elite reputation for design and manufacture of proprietary, leading-edge video capture solutions. Jamie’s visionary direction and support foundation, paired with gold standard technology and service, attracted prestigious clients from the world’s hardest-to-penetrate market sectors – Homeland Security and Law Enforcement covert operations. As Director of Special Projects, for 10 years Jamie travelled between Calgary, Canada and Washington, D.C., where she built and maintained relationships with clients ranging from field agents to White House executives.

When faced with life-threatening PTSD, Jamie DeNovo took her career in a new direction. Enlisting the support of one of the world’s most revered neuroscientists, Dr. Bryan Kolb, Jamie’s search for answers eventually established her place as a pioneer in maximizing human potential. Over a period of four years, while living each step, Jamie developed the book, I.M.Possible Muscle for the Mind, a game-changing universal micro-blueprint for positive change and achievement beyond belief. Jamie is the originator of revolutionary concepts such as: I.M.Possible, I.M.Possible Muscle, The One Sock Process and Optimal Victory.

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