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About the Author

Jamie DeNovo

Jamie DeNovo is a passionate and multi-talented entrepreneur, author, brain science researcher, public speaker and coach. Jamie’s mission is to help people facing personal or professional crisis to win the greatest battle they will ever face – the war within. Jamie understands that knowing what to do means nothing if you just can’t do it. Getting stuck is the biggest obstacle any of us have in creating success and long-term solutions. We miss out on achieving the life we could have had. Jamie’s I.M.Possible Muscle program and pioneering techniques teach clients how to remap brain pathways and move forward productively through overload, confusion, trauma, crisis or any other situation presenting mental and emotional roadblocks.

After facing life-threatening PTSD, Jamie DeNovo took her career in a new direction. Enlisting the support of one of the world’s most revered neuroscientists, Dr. Bryan Kolb, Jamie’s search for answers eventually established her place as a pioneer in maximizing human potential. Over a period of four years, while living each step, Jamie developed the book, I.M.Possible Muscle for the Mind, a game-changing universal micro-blueprint for positive change and achievement beyond belief. Jamie is the originator of revolutionary concepts such as: I.M.Possible, I.M.Possible Muscle, The One Sock Process and Optimal Victory.

About the Book

Success Strategies

Success for many people is an elusive quality and the ways and means used to accomplish it vary widely. Also, because success is a personal and sometimes unique standard, our goals and measurement of success are typically quite different.

Some of the important elements that routinely show up in the lives of successful people include planning, commitment, specific knowledge, perseverance and action. For some of us, success is measured by material wealth, for others, it may be public acclaim, leadership in your field, or maybe the ability to change the lives of others for the better. At all times, having a guide or coach to help you attain your goal is invaluable.

The CelebrityExperts® in this book offer you a variety of ideas and Success Strategies. Their experience can help you accomplish your objectives in a more timely and efficient manner – especially if you avoid making the same mistakes that they made along the way.

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by Jamie DeNovo

It was a dark and stormy night. As the clock struck midnight, the exhausted author sat alone in her office, hunched over a humming computer, eyes blurred, oblivious to all but the screen. The kids had been packed off to their grandparents. Her husband was locked in the basement. She had been working madly for weeks to condense 4,000 complex brain science research white papers into one 2,000-word recipe that could save the planet. There were only six hours left in the deadline for presentation to the United Nations. One more paragraph and the thing was done. The sun could come out tomorrow, the banished family could return, the world would be a better place.

Then, the computer crashed.

Has that ever happened to you? Maybe not all of it, but the part where you are working on an important project and suddenly your computer starts misbehaving? ...

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